SoChef Israel is a brand established in 2020 and is part of the G.I.K. New Age Foods Ltd.

SoChef Israel brand markets kits for fresh and easy-to-prepare meals.

SoChef’s focus is on world flavors and the Mediterranean flavor in particular.


Where we are located?

Our production plant, management headquarters and warehouse are located in Be’er Sheva Israel.

The brand office, which only deals with food innovation and product development, is also located in Be’er Sheva, but in a different location – in the Geb-Yam high-tech park.


Quality and excellence

SoChef Israel brand focuses on the areas of: food quality, focus on human resources, understand customer needs , process management, information management.

We make sure to purchase the best raw materials in the world while carefully controlling the quality of every component that goes into our kits.

Mission and vision

“To help people save time and enjoy a healthy and high-quality meal.”

We believe that you don’t have to be a chef to cook a meal from the movies!

We are here to save our customers time, waste, money and a lot of headache of early preparations with the help of our kits…


A little about the founder

Idan Gershon is a family business droper (fourth generation in the spice business that started in Mumbai, India) in the food field while earning a B.A in industrial management, worked in the family business for 7 years and gained his rich experience in the field of spices, importing high-quality raw materials, mechanization, operations, marketing, sales and IT knowledge.

During his years of work in the family enterprise, Idan discovered that his passion is in the field of food and especially in the field of innovation in food.




Customers share their SoChef's experiences (:

Hila & Idan
Super cool and special! We never thought that preparing such a dish could be so easy and simple & fun.
A dish to show off! Flavors that take you back to the restaurants in India ... I was sure it would be too spicy but the dish was perfectly seasoned.
Ariela & Lior
It was really tasty and easy to make, everyone enjoyed it!
As a person who works 12 hours a day and is looking for a quick and healthy solution I found the perfect solution in the SoChef's kit. The experience of the recipe you built and the solution that Kit has almost everything saved me a lot of headaches.
If I knew that cooking is so easy I would not spend so much money on food deliveries. As someone who barely knows how to make an omelet it must be noted that the cooking experience with the kit and the digital recipe of SoChef saved me a lot of money.
Really tasty! Really good! A dish served in Asian chef's restaurants! I just added fresh coriander for my final touch.